Lazy Linking, 111th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

111.1 Movie billing blocks explained, line by line nyti.ms/1dMT1yW @nytimes

111.2 Ship to home or ship to work? Neither…ship to my unattended car (brilliant!) bit.ly/1eLX4uS @aei

111.3 Tyler Cowen on whether Netflix-Comcast deal is good or bad for consumers bit.ly/1fRbzC5 @margrev

111.4 The downside of “no drama” in White House: no public intellectuals want to work there wapo.st/1fRbFd7 @washingtonpost

111.5 Uh oh, eye doctors, a big part of your work just got automated tcrn.ch/1bKR4HG @ techcrunch

111.6 Lamenting the slow death of the uniquely distinctive South Philly accent nyti.ms/1lsDGve @nytimes

111.7 The bigger the pizza, the better the deal (∏r2!) n.pr/1mByq6z @npr

111.8 Caught this post on “Big God Theology” at the very end of Black History Month bit.ly/1lsEDUl @desiringgod

111.9 Jordan Davis’ mom  to Ta-Nehisi Coates’ son: "You matter…You have every right to be you.." http://bit.ly/Mruw2E @tncposts

111.10 The solution to soaring higher ed tuition bills for some may be “home college” bit.ly/1i3X4hC @chronicle

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