Easy Eats

http://s3-media2.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/abx2aihAE7gc1qCg_JUU6w/ls.jpgOn consecutive mornings last week, work meetings brought me to Chinatown and then to Reading Terminal Market.  What luck - those just happen to be two of my favorite places to shop for food.

So the first morning I hit a grocery store in Chinatown, and the second morning I hit a produce vendor at Reading Terminal Market.  Here was my total take from the two shopping trips:

http://s3-media4.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/yP3EJMyrqjC2XN5HpOcNkg/ls.jpg2 pounds of strawberries
2 big bunches of asparagus
1 huge bag of radishes
1 Asian pear
2 big bags of frozen dumplings
1 big package of red bean buns
1 thing of cauliflower
1 big thing of bean sprouts
2 packages of tofu

Total bill between the two trips: $21.  Even better, total detour out of my schedule, between going to these places, picking out stuff, and paying for it: less than 5 minutes each.  That works for me on so many levels.
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