Lazy Linking, 110th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

110.1 1971: the year Switzerland let women vote bit.ly/1nUEVjC @kottke

110.2 0.3%: % of Walmart’s 1.3M employees who make the federal or their state’s minimum wage bloom.bg/1eTkJt1 @bloomberg

110.3 1 out of 2,602: # games Jeter played where his team was eliminated from playoff contention bit.ly/1dcFwZ4 @phillynews

110.4 +136% vs. +12%: China vs. US GDP growth 2008-2013 bit.ly/1p461bo bit.ly/1dcI4X4 @teconomics

110.5 19%: amt of est $31B wage gain from minimum wage hike that’ll go to families living in poverty 1.usa.gov/1faeIyh @uscbo
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