Lazy Linking, 108th in an Occasional Series

http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/images/wpvi/cms_exf_2007/news/local/9420036_600x338.jpgThings I liked lately on the Internets:

108.1 Zoo Balloon wrecked?!? We never got to go on it!?! http://bit.ly/1e6sWtl @phillyzoo

108.2 We’re prob never going paperless, but we can make paper more eco-friendly http://econ.st/1l6FZm0 @economist

108.3 All this snow has a silver lining: figuring out where to make more space for pedestrians http://bit.ly/1f4IQWn @thisoldcity

108.4 Advocacy is a lifestyle, not a fad/milestone/battle http://bit.ly/1d6IHFn @bread4theworld

108.5 Wait, is Oakland – blue-collar, Raider Nation Oakland – getting hipster? http://bit.ly/1g7QqCR @mercnews
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