What Am I Working On

http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/702454807/Framed-Stepping-On-The-Rainy-Street-Painting-DIY-Paint-by-Numbers-50x40cm-20x16-PH7102.jpgAs has become my custom every three months, here's what I'm working on now at work. I won't repeat anything from last time that I happen to still be working on, and for confidentiality's sake I have to blur some of the details for some of these studies.

Assessing the financial feasibility of a proposed recreational area in New Jersey.

Doing a cost-benefit analysis of a proposed downtown revitalization in the South.

Quantifying the economic contributions of a specific subset of not-for-profit institutions in a big East Coast city.

Quantifying the public return on an investment in a major outdoor amenity in Philadelphia.

Estimating the economic and fiscal impact of a proposed hotel and residential development in the downtown area of a big East Coast city.

Articulating the economic gains associated with investing in supermarkets in under-resourced neighborhoods.

Conducting a financial feasibility study for a tourism destination's proposed new set of ticketed offerings.

Completing an employment impact study for a developer seeking funds from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services' EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Completing a development impact statement for a developer seeking to build a new residential building in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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