Lazy Linking, 106th in an Occasional Series

A 1:60 Scale Boeing 777 Built Entirely from Paper Manilla Folders by Luca Iaconi Stewart sculpture paper models flight airplanes What I liked lately on the Internets:

106.1 Love 1/2/3 on this list of local Philly food chains http://bit.ly/1mTk56q @zagat

106.2 A Penn/Drexel alum is at the helm of Upworthy (fastest-growing media site ever)
http://bit.ly/LZ3QHq @phillyweekly

106.3 Top HS's by SAT score - 7 in Bay Area, incl. my alma mater at #7! (suck it, Monta Vista)
http://read.bi/1ep3PFU @businessinsider

106.4 Jet planes everywhere = we're running out of places on earth that are totally quiet
http://bbc.in/1jdoOgy @bbcnews

106.5 1:60-scale Boeing 777 made entirely out of manila folders, sure why not http://bit.ly/1aoav8Q @thisiscolossal
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