Lazy Linking, 105th in an Occasional Series

http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/u9Wf8y_5Yn4/maxresdefault.jpgWhat I liked lately on the Internets:

105.1 High cost of cheap labor: 61M Chinese kids live in villages while their parents work in cities wapo.st/1cEZIpd @washingtonpost

105.2 Give more to fewer charities or less to more charities? Depends on what we're giving for bit.ly/Kokq2r @freakonomics

105.3 Search costs, signaling, scarcity: the economics of online forms of dating, job searching bit.ly/18ozS9f @harvardbiz

105.4 The effect – some good some bad – of NYC's red-hot real estate market on the urban built form bit.ly/1hn5pMc @jamessrussellny

105.5 Heartbreaking words from a poet re his 4yo nephew, how hard it is to grow up black in America bit.ly/1a7bCYn @javonism

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