Lazy Linking, 103rd in an Occasional Series

http://www.canhighways.com/MI/I/96/dg-i96wb-livernois_ave-lg.jpgThe Great Bell in its proposed location in the Christ Church garden | Image: Moto Designshop
Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

103.1 Ugh….3 most dangerous neighborhoods in US are all in Detroit http://bit.ly/IWiRIu @nhoodscout

103.2 Who says "ax" instead of "ask"? Modern inner city kids and...Chaucer http://n.pr/1beWtmF @nprcodeswitch

103.3 An old and historic bell in Philadelphia to be displayed and rung in 2014 (no, not THAT bell) http://bit.ly/1bnjLn8 @hiddencityphila

103.4 Will driverless cars and drones make urban real estate more or less valuable? Discuss http://bit.ly/IYcft4 @freakonomics

103.5 There’s more than one way to be an entrepreneur…here’s 4 alternative models http://bit.ly/1hEor0d @penelopetrunk
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