2013 Resolutions, 9 of 10 and 10 of 10

http://www.diabetesmine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/new-year-resolution-cartoon-1.jpg9. Spiritual – 100 Bible memory verses, one extra hour per week of praying.  I'm glad I've gotten in the habit of doing memory verses, but sobered by the fact that my head doesn't seem to be getting any better at actually memorizing them.  I did better in making time in the morning, although I wish I could say I was doing better in making longer times now and then to really soak in God, prayer, and Bible.  Grade: C.
10. Work - 10 quality reports.  I'm really fortunate I get to work on so many interesting things. Below I've listed a few noteworthy ones from 2013.  Grade: B.

Articulating the economic benefits of a regional trail in Georgia

Creating a model to estimate the impact of various tax rate changes on tax bases and tax revenues in Philadelphia

Identifying the economic benefits of preserving the historic Prentice Women's Hospital building

Quantifying the benefits of preserving open space near the Ardrossan Estate in Radnor Township

Measuring the economic footprint of the local food system in Detroit

Recommending local and regional policy actions to stimulate the manufacturing sector in Philadelphia

Stating the economic contributions of higher education institutions in Philadelphia

Discussing the economic impact of local spending by anchor institutions

Modeling the economic impact from waterfront greenway capital investments in Philadelphia

Making the economic case for casino development in Philadelphia

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