2013 Resolutions, 3 of 10 and 4 of 10

3. Friends and family – shrink the time between contacts (varies by person).  I'm busier, so I have less time.  But I value family and friends all the more, so I have tried harder.  I'm glad this is a resolution because it's a useful reminder to invest in these relationships, since no matter how important they are to me I find they often slip through the cracks.  Grade: C.
4. House – finish the dining room, and start on the guest room and the master bedroom.  Dining room's coming along, master bedroom's deferred, and guest room is a real source of embarrassment.  Apologies to those guests we housed who had to co-exist with our kids' scooters, our brooms, and our coat rack.  I assure you we will do better in 2014 there, if only because it's impossible for us to do worse.  Grade: C.

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