Lazy Linking, 101st in an Occasional Series

http://blogs.msdn.com/cfs-filesystemfile.ashx/__key/communityserver-components-imagefileviewer/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles-00-00-01-32-81/4353.Kinect_2D00_Translator_5F00_403x270.png_2D00_403x0.pngStuff I liked lately on  the Internets:

101.1 The high cost of free bread bit.ly/1dNehqb @insidescoopsf @sfgate

101.2 Microsoft Research's sign language translator seems like a game-changer bit.ly/176Z57x @msftresearch

101.3 Keith Hennessey on Obama "you can keep your plan" statement, ensuring presidential accuracy in general bit.ly/1b7n4Tm @keithhennessey

101.4 This says blacks avoid Cal, but wait: is 58% decline rate (% admitted that go elsewhere) high or low? bit.ly/1eiTE7U @eastbayexpress

101.5 The key to economic growth in developing world is educating girls; the key to that is...weather insurance? econ.st/17vGId8 @economist
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