Lions and Tigers and Canadians, Oh My

Photo: Local pride on display at the new Whole Foods on Woodward Ave
Back from the Big D.  It was a successful business trip, which I will hope to be able to share more about at a later date.  For now, let me report that I was also happy with my morning urban run.

Though we've been on this project for several months now, and this is my third project-related trip, I had not previously had time for a run.  Running through a city is a great way to get your bearings, and I feel like I am better oriented now than before.

I started by snaking through downtown and then headed straight north on Woodward Ave.  Passed Michigan State University's, University of Michigan's, and Wayne State University's presence on this street.  Saw a mix of old buildings, new buildings, and no buildings.  Got to the Detroit Institute of Arts (which I tried to visit later in the day to actually go inside but - alas! - closed for the day due to a power outage...will have to return) and then crossed the street and headed back to the downtown area.

Woodward is pretty wide so it was a nice view of the whole downtown area as I headed due south.  Got to Comerica Park (where the Tigers play) and made a left to run around there and Ford Field (where the Lions play).  Made it all the way to the riverfront and enjoyed views of Canada on the other side of the Detroit River.  Had a little trouble getting back into the rest of downtown from there - lots of highways and overpasses - but eventually limped back to my hotel room.

It would've been poetic to have made it eight miles (8 Mile is the northern boundary of Detroit and the name of the Detroit-based movie that starred Eminem) but I was at least a mile short.  But I saw what I wanted to see, and was glad to be able to squeeze it in before morning meetings and heading to the airport.  Hopefully, I'll get another chance to take in these and other sights in the near future.
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