Lazy Linking, 96th in an Occasional Series

http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/188/wbga.jpgStuff I liked on the Internets lately:

96.1 Best way to design a city? Ask the women http://bit.ly/196Tom2

96.2 Best way to encourage more bicycling? Ask the women http://bit.ly/15h4ant

96.3 How to win every argument? (No, not "ask the women.") Stop trying so hard http://bit.ly/19rOEXg

96.4 Sustainable waste mgmt is not just where the trash goes but how it gets there http://bit.ly/18fS6ai

96.5 What comes out of the pee pipe at Third World Lounge? Apparently not pee actually http://bit.ly/16p5DYk
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