Heavens to Betsy

I usually wait to finish a book before raving about it but must give a shout-out to Marla Miller's "Betsy Ross and the Making of America" even though I'm less than halfway through.  (It's been a really busy month, so my cherished evening reading time has been sporadic.)  This book has a lot going for it.  It threads the needle between clarifying/correcting some cherished myths about Betsy Ross while still upholding her rightful place in the pantheon of American history.  It does a delicious job of telling the story of the American Revolution from the perspective of Philadelphia and through the lens of women, Quakers, and artisans.  And it is a darn good biography, insofar as that it takes you into the world of Betsy Ross through Miller's painstaking research work. I strongly recommend this book.
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