Celebrate Parks

https://cdn1.gbot.me/photos/cm/FU/1313977953/-visit_to_Boathouse_Row_in-20000000001698080-500x375.jpgIf you are a lover of Philadelphia, you are almost certainly a lover of parks.  For though there are many things besides parks that make Philadelphia awesome, without parks Philadelphia wouldn’t be nearly as awesome.  Whether Fairmount Park and its 9,200 acres, or the tiny but beloved park in your own neighborhood, green space is a fundamental part of the fabric of Philadelphia life.

In the Philadelphia Parks Alliance, there is a competent, independent, tireless, and courageous advocate for those green spaces.  The mission of the Parks Alliance is to champion the public’s interest in outstanding parks, recreation and open spaces, key to making Philadelphia a healthy, vibrant and sustainable city for all.  The Parks Alliance’s vision of a great city is one with great parks and interconnected green spaces.  The Parks Alliance leads the diverse and expanding citizens’ movement which shapes public policies required to build the nation’s premier parks and recreation system. 

I am honored to be on the event committee of the Parks Alliance’s Celebation 2013, its annual fundraiser that this year will take place on Sunday, November 17 at Lloyd Hall off of Boathouse Row.  The event will run from 4pm to 7pm, with a special pre-event tour of Boathouse Row starting at 3pm.  Kids are welcome (my two will be there), and among other activities there will be a silent auction (always fun for window shopping or real shopping). 

I may be hitting some of you up individually, but here’s three big group asks:

      (1) Buy a ticket.  This is easy.  Tickets are $100, or $150 if you want in on the tour. 

      (2)   Donate an item for the silent auction.  If you or your company has access to in-kind contributions, like a gift certificate for your restaurant, a product from your store, tickets to a sporting event or cultural performance, or a vacation home, please consider sharing it with the Parks Alliance.

      (3)   Be a sponsor.  Sponsorships start at $500 and are a great way to connect your company to a great cause.

Go to www.philaparks.org for more information on the Parks Alliance, the event, and how to help.  Hope to see you there, and let’s come together and support our parks in Philadelphia!
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