California: Rays In

http://cdn.ph.upi.com/sv/upi/UPI-1991377703434/2013/1/8795b9ea764788ab7aa821e0affc2b23/Bay-Bridge-closure-to-complicate-Labor-Day-traffic.jpgPicking up on yesterday's post, apparently there are others who agree that public transit, with its dedicated rights-of-way, is superior to driving in situations where traffic might be unusually bad: the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team

With the Bay Bridge temporarily closed, Bay Area traffic, already quite bad, has been a mess, giving millionaire baseball players a chance to see that a chartered bus is no match for a ride on BART for a few bucks in efficiently delivering you to your destination.  (One hour and 45 minutes by bus, vs. 20 minutes by BART.) 

Btw, if you read the article, try to visualize more on star third baseball Evan Longoria riding BART without being recognized (how long before BART uses his quote in its marketing materials?), and less on what Fernando Rodney was doing in the bullpen bathroom when he got locked in.
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