Bleg: Seeking a Running Route in Downtown Detroit

I will be in Detroit later this month for a couple of presentations, and will be staying the night and flying out the next day.  I should have a sliver of time at the crack of dawn for my favorite pastime on business trips to big cities, which is a morning urban run.  I will be at a hotel in the downtown area.  If anyone is from Detroit or knows the downtown area well, please advise of a fun sidewalk running route that will help me get my bearings on how downtown is laid out and that has good scenery (green, water, sights). 

So far, I'm looking at Detroit Riverwalk (views of Canada!), Woodward Avenue (love how the wide boulevard feeds right into the heart of downtown), and the stadiums (curious to get a better handle on how Ford Field and Comerica Park fit into the fabric of downtown).  But I welcome any ideas.

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