Say No to Drugs

The bar profiled in this University City Review article is uncomfortably close to our house.  Although I'm on the community association board and do a decent job of keeping my ear to the local pulse, I was unaware of a recent meeting that was called to discuss the drug activity taking place on our intersection.  (I heard about it from Amy, who heard about it from a neighbor.)   

Of course, no one wants drug-selling on their block.  It's not hard to imagine what might come with such activities, and to fear for the well-being of the many children who live on that block, including our own two.  (Btw, here's another recent story of a disturbance on another nearby intersection: restaurant front windows smashed in during a burglary.  Ugh.)

In the taxonomy of neighborhoods in Philadelphia, we're pretty high up in terms of stability, attractiveness, and resources: no one will mistake our intersection for Kensington and Somerset.  But we're not immune to the worst aspects of urban life.  Let's hope we neighbors can band together and stave off things getting worse. 
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