Happy 70th Birthday to My Dad

I'll be brief in this post because my dad would perish at the thought of me blabbing about him.  But earlier this month he turned 70, and my sister and I had fun making a slide show of "70 things we learned from our dad that we do ourselves now that we are parents."  We ran the gamut from serious stuff (roots, family, health) to funnier things (frugality, sayings), and our intention through it all was to honor our Bah and to acknowledge that we are living out his parenting of us in our parenting of our own kids.  

I think my sister does more of the same things as him than I do, but it must be said that I am really starting to sound like my old man each day, especially when I'm playing the role of parent.  I think my kids get a kick out of seeing their grandfather, since he sounds like me and says a lot of the same things.  What can I say?  I'm my father's son.  Happy birthday, Bah!

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