Go, Away

The Y, which you may know our family loves, just got even awesomer for us.

In looking around for a temporary gym membership for when we're visiting my folks in San Jose over the holidays (y'know, to work off all that good home cooking), I decided on a whim to call the closest Y to their house.  Lo and behold, there's an "A.W.A.Y" ("Always Welcome at the Y") program that most locations participate in, in which you flash your card, they call your home location to verify membership, and voila - a free two-week membership is yours.

This is a huge game-changer for us, since part of what's hard about being away from home is being away from our cherished, one of which is going to the Y.  Now we can bring a little "home" away with us.  I'm going to start traveling more now, just to check out new Y locations!
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