http://www.yougrowgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/bookshelf_feb2009.jpgJust got back from two weeks in California.  In addition to seeing some sights (Disneyland, beaches), we met up with lots of family and friends.  And when I go to someone's house, my favorite thing to do is look at their bookshelf.

For people of my socio-economic status, the bookshelf is the thing that defines your interests and values.  You'll find it displayed prominently in the house, showing off family photos, cherished honors, and the kinds of reading material you want people to associate with you.

Being an avid Facebook user, I could not help but wonder if there was an interface in social media, whether within the Facebook walls or on another site, that was the virtual equivalent of the bookshelf.  In other words, what can I curate and then show off to others?  And what can I go to in order to learn about my family and friends in such an intimate way?

Online, you can even amp up this experience.  Photos and honors could have commentary, comments, and links attached to them.  Books and magazines could come with reviews and with an easy way to drag items into a shopping cart for purchase now or later.

You're telling me you wouldn't spend at least 15 minutes making sure your virtual bookshelf was just so, or that you wouldn't want to snoop around on the bookshelves of your family and friends?  I tell ya, if I had even an ounce of tech savviness and an inch of guts, I'd follow through on this idea - assuming it doesn't already exist.  Zuckerberg, are you on this?
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