A Body in Motion

I'm pretty sure I've described our church as a raggedy bunch.  We're a motley crew, once again without a pastor, dwindling in numbers and finances, and not on anyone's formal or informal list of "it" churches. 

No matter.  God loves us still.  And He keeps giving us little slices of beauty to whet our appetite for greater good to come. 

Last night was a quintessential example.  Dear friends of ours, a recently married couple, are heading out on overseas missions.  Between packing up, getting trained, and making arrangements in their new home, it's been a scramble for them.  But they hollered around on short notice to see if folks could join them in prayer the night before they left.

So there we were gathered, on a Tuesday night no less, to come before God with them and for them.  There were many more people there than I could have imagined (including myself: I rarely do something so late on a work night, and yet there I found myself).  We prayed for everything under the sun, marveling at God's providence in our friends' lives separately and now together.  And, counted among the prayers were people of a wild mix of ages, countries of origin, and stations in life.

A famous analogy in the Bible describes the people of God as a body.  Last night, that was a body in motion, sending forth two beloved parts, to do His work in a new place.  What a rich, rich time was had by all.
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