What's Next

Woke up this morning to check my Facebook feed.  The George Zimmerman acquittal was the subject of over 90 percent of my friends' posts.  I did not follow the trial but am obviously aware of its existence and of its social, racial, and legal significance.  There is so much here, and the full gamut of it was captured in my news feed:

* Outrage over the acquittal and what it represents for black folks and for the justice system

* Sadness for a family over the loss of their son

* Arguments about whether the case was properly decided and whether the laws upon which the verdict was based are just

* Musings about what this means for George Zimmerman, for the state of Florida, and for the issue of race in America

Thanks to all who shared something; I learned from everything.  We will all remember this moment.  Let us pray, so that what we remember is that we went forward from it.

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