Topic Statement

Over the past few evenings, I've read 22 final papers for my class at Fels.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: these students are really sharp.  Which has made for some stimulating reading. 

It helps, too, that they've picked really interesting topics.  Here's the full list of subjects I've gotten to get into through their final papers (these are my summaries, not their titles):

1. How and why to use economic incentives to woo gun manufacturers leaving states that have passed stricted gun control laws

2. Welfare-to-work programs in Pennsylvania

3. A transit oriented development in Coatesville

4. The economics of solar energy

5. Garden State Parkway Racetrack

6. Workforce housing in Kensington

7. Impact of higher bridge tolls on households, commuters, and tourism activity

8. An age-restricted development in Bucks County

9. Business Improvement Districts in Philadelphia

10. Philadelphia Energy Solutions at the Navy Yard

11.  The effect of climate change on agriculture in New Jersey, and what the state should do in response

12. Funding ideas for the School District of Philadelphia

13. The economic case for Cira Centre South near 30th Street Station

14. Economic evaluation of stimulus funding in Philadelphia

15. Feasibility of a hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey

16. Whether to preserve or demolish Royal Theater in South Philadelphia

17. Economic benefits of community gardens

18. Economic benefits of greenways

19. Economic role of SEPTA

20.  Whether to buy or rent county government workspace, and where

21. A mixed-use development in Towson, Maryland

22. Expanding a Philadelphia charter school into a neighboring state
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