http://constitutioncenter.org/images/uploads/general/penn_fels.jpgTomorrow is the last session of my class, Quantitative Tools for Consulting.  I look forward to having my Saturday mornings back, but I know I'll miss meeting with this group of students.  I was told ahead of time that they were an impressive bunch, and they haven't disappointed.  I'm not selling myself short when I say they're all smarter than me.  In fact, they say that good hiring means hiring people smarter than you, and I hired one of my students (she starts next week) and it's definitely true that she's way smarter than me.

Last weekend's class, I took the last half-hour or so to get their feedback on how the class went.  Since I consider the class to still be "in beta," I told them I wanted to hear from them about everything - content, format, miscellaneous.

True to their insightful and productive ways, they offered a slew of useful and constructive feedback.  I now have a much better idea of what worked, what didn't, and how to tweak things for next time.  I know for sure that, if I am so privileged to get to teach the class again next summer, I'll be making more changes and putting in more legwork between now and then than I did between last year's class and this year's, because I got so many good ideas that I can't wait to put into motion.

All in all, it was a rewarding and enriching class for me, and hopefully my students can say the same.  I look forward to keeping in touch with them, least of all because it is almost certain that I will be working for one or more of them in the future.
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