Other, Earthly Influences

http://mw2.google.com/mw-panoramio/photos/medium/55948060.jpgI didn't mean to downplay the role of people in my life journey, as described in yesterday's post.  To be sure, God warrants centrality in any discussion of how I've gone from there to here.  But He worked through people in large part to do that.

Consider the three men that went before me: my dad and my two grandfathers.  My dad's dad was a doctor, as was his wife (my grandmother), and they ran their own thing in the village where my dad grew up, so you could say he was a small business owner of sorts.  My mom's dad was in business, and between that, his big nose, and his deadly farts, my mom marvels at the similarities between him and me.  And my dad was an engineer, but he had some social entrepreneurship in him as well, starting his company's fitness program and always volunteering for running races and health expos.

I was still a shy Taiwanese kid from the suburbs of San Jose.  But I also had other things in my blood.  And God used them to take me places my childhood self wouldn't have dared imagine.
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