Lazy Linking, 95th in an Occasional Series

Melting Ceramics by Livia Marin pattern cups China ceramics Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

95.1 Melted ceramic art…mind officially blown http://bit.ly/1arXZ40 @thisiscolossal

95.2 David Brooks coins a phrase for the ages: 70-year-olds have “a great horniness for service” http://nyti.ms/1334lS6 @nytimes

95.3 I believe healthy churches often need to do fewer things…and here’s how to know when that’s true http://bit.ly/11UBTVJ @tonymorganlive

95.4 Posting calories doesn’t work, but posting how long it’ll take to walk off that cheeseburger might http://bit.ly/ZUsHwp @sciam

95.5 Is there so much vacancy in Lower North Philly that we should just make some of it semi-rural? http://bit.ly/17tBauV @curbedphilly
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