Lazy Linking, 94th in an Occasional Series


Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:
94.1 Awesome beatbox at TedX Sydney http://bit.ly/13fUffB @rsvlts

94.2 This car is so cool…and it’s what’ll get built if we start taxing carbon properly http://yhoo.it/184iiah @yahooautos

94.3 Wow…air pollution has cost China 2.5 billion people-years http://bit.ly/18VHEXb @pnasnews

94.4 Average rent in NYC now >$3K, which is about what I pay for my 2700SF house…every 5mo http://bit.ly/15uaqLm @gawker

94.5 Don’t diss the nose….it does a lot for us http://bit.ly/13fU1Vx @readersdigest

94.6 “How to be racist, unprofessional, and insensitive,” by KTVU http://bit.ly/15oojsh @angryasianman

94.7 # bike commuters in Philadelpihia doubled from 2000 (4,900) to 2010 (9,800) http://bit.ly/11yqXyF @phillymotu

94.8 When I retire, I’m moving to Oakland for the A’s, the Raiders, and the diversity http://bit.ly/1dbVO42 @nerdwallet

94.9 DC’s “Walmart minimum wage bill” will hurt its poorest the most http://bit.ly/12AD0FE @neighborhoodfx

94.10 Another casualty of the European financial crisis: McDonald’s pulls out of Iceland http://bbc.in/16hCMu @bbcnews

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