Lazy Linking, 92nd in an Occasional Series

http://scm-l3.technorati.com/11/04/18/31851/online-dating.jpg?t=20110418132651http://acovernight.com/blog-news/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/revel-atlantic-city-casino.jpgWhat I liked lately on the Internets:

92.1 Penn, big investors in Jada’s schl, now bet big on Aaron’s schl http://bit.ly/186FWly @citypaper

92.2 Not only are online dating sites not weird, they yield happier marriages http://bit.ly/19qWpi9 @freakonomics

92.3 Could socially responsible businesses be worse for society than purely profit seeking ones? http://atfp.co/186FKTh @foreignpolicy

92.4 Maximizing your ocean view is good design and good business…unless you’re a casino http://bit.ly/15tNisV @atlanticcities

92.5 Oops! Mayor Nutter, seeking to crack down on tax delinquents, was late on his gas bill http://bit.ly/15tNpVu @phillynews

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