Get Involved

As I shared last month, joining our community association is free for the first year, for a limited time.  It's a great way (and, obviously, a great price point) to get involved.  (Tonight, some of us on the board will be calling around to encourage folks to join, so if your phone rings and you hear a pleasant voice on the other end, it might be me!)

Speaking of which, the association president asked me to help get a business attraction committee off the ground.  We're still figuring out what exactly such a group will do, but at the least it will be a way to systematically, strategically, and proactively think about what makes sense in our neighborhood (particularly but not necessarily exclusively in terms of retail), and to have a mechanism by which neighbors, merchants, developers, and community groups can interface on the subject.

If you care about this and want to get involved, leave me a note in the comments and I'll invite you to our first meeting later this summer.  
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