What Am I Working On

As has become my custom every three months, here's what I'm working on now at work. I won't repeat anything from last time that I happen to still be working on, and for confidentiality's sake I have to blur some of the details for some of these studies.

Estimating the economic impact of a big event that takes place every year in Philadelphia.

Estimating the impact of a proposed hospital expansion on its immediate neighborhood.

Articulating the impacts of an institution of higher learning that is seeking university status.

Calculating the job and tax revenue impacts of a number of proposed projects that are seeking state funding.

Quantifying the size of the commercial building industry in a major metropolitan area.

Comparing a tourism destination's previous projections of economic impact against present and future trends.

Evaluating two potential sstate-level surcharges being proposed to raise funds for a recently implemented economic development program.

Comparing a tax policy change being proposed in one city with its effects on other cities that have recently enacted such a change.

Articulating the benefits associated with the preservation of a beloved piece of open space in a suburban township.

Performing a cost-benefit analysis on a set of stormwater management plan alternatives.

Critiquing an economic analysis that was written in support of a proposed office and hotel project seeking federal funding.

Updating a past study on the economic impact of an industry for its state association.

Developing a set of metrics for monitoring neighborhood change.

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