The Cost of Crime

http://www.wichitasedgwickcountycrimestoppers.com/CrimeTapeSmall.jpgEarlier this month, we had a table and chair set stolen off of our front porch.  The set held little emotional or financial significance to us, since we hardly use it and paid less than a hundred bucks for it.  But it was still a big bummer to realize that furniture that belongs to us can be lifted off of our property.

Amy, who had even less emotional or financial attachment to the set than I did, felt particularly violated.  She's less a city mouse than I am, so making our front area into a little slice of beauty (mostly through her expert and dogged gardening, but the table and chairs contributed, too) was meaningful to her as a way to claim this little piece of land as ours and as home.

Crime, of course, is a major reason people throw up their hands and say to heck with the city.  Here's hoping we're not hit again or worse.  The cost is far more than what is lost in physical possessions.
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