Regular Touches with Dear Friends

An important but scarce resource for men of my age and persuasion is deep male friendships.  I feel deeply blessed in this area.  But all my closest friends are busy, making even a simple phone call a rare treat.  And most are geographically distant: three live in California, while four others once lived near me but subsequently moved to Cincinnati, Houston, Honolulu, and Alabama.

Of the two who live in the Philadelphia area, making face-to-face contact possible on a regular basis, one I see often at a nearby coffee shop, since our paths literally cross there, making catching up there pretty frictionless in terms of fitting it into our schedules.  And one recently got a job less than a block away from my office, making regular lunches something easy to commit to.

I don't take for granted the pleasure, strength, and camaraderie I am able to draw from all of these men.  They know me from forever, keep me in check, encourage me, bust my chops, and set a positive example for me to emulate.  I am thankful I am so rich in this area.
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