Join our Community Association for Free

The membership committee of the community association I am on the board of decided to do something crazy to encourage people to join the association and get involved with us: offer memberships for free.  No strings attached.  Yes, "free" is the best price point of them all.  See the blurb below for more info on what we're about and how you can join.

Spruce Hill Community Association - become a member... FOR FREE!

For a limited time, Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA) is offering new members the first year of membership FOR FREE

SHCA is dedicated to serving the community, and we want you to get involved with us.  We work on issues that matter - education, zoning, clean-ups, neighborhood plans, public safety.  We put on great events like the annual May Fair and the Halloween Parade.  And our communications keep members in the loop about community news and events.  To be a member for absolutely free for one year - no strings attached - email Richard Guffanti at RichGuffanti (at) yahoo.com with your name, address, and cell and home phones.  We look forward to having you join us! 
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