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Tomorrow is the first day of my Quantitative Tools for Consulting class.  I'll miss having Saturday mornings free (I'll lose Friday nights as well, between grading homeworks, getting lectures ready, and making sure I get my zzz's) but I'm excited as well, because it's really fun to teach and to be in a classroom setting.  I happen to enjoy the subject matter also, so it will be fun to talk about it as well as learn from my students.

If you want to get a look-in on what we're up to, I encourage you to follow us on social media.  I've decided that part of the course expectation will be to contribute weekly to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages I've set up for the class.  In typical Fels fashion, I want to tie what we're learning in the classroom with what's actually going on in the real world, and so each week students will have to find a report or article that relates to that week's subject and post it onto our social media presences. 

If you want to follow us, here are the links.  I'll probably contribute as well, so you can look for my posts which are hashtagged #LH. 




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