Meet the Principals

http://www.fels.upenn.edu/sites/www.fels.upenn.edu/files/imagecache/featured_news/angelides.jpgAs much of a big and risky investment as it might have seemed, buying into my firm was a no-brainer on many fronts.  Probably the biggest draw for me was being able to go into battle with the three people who are now my fellow principals and owners.  I enjoy each of them socially, admire their integrity, and have so much to learn from each.  Together we are a nice bunch:

Peter Angelides is a rare combo of planner and PhD economist, which is a great mix for a lot of the work we do.  He's also worked for a big consulting firm (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) and teaches at Penn.
Steve Mullin was Finance Director and Commerce Director under Mayor Rendell in the 1990's.  Through that, plus the many boards he sits on and the many classes he teaches, I joke that half of the city has either worked for him, been one of his students, or sat on a board with him...except that that's not actually too far from reality, or at least it seems that way when I walk down the street with him.

Dick Voith has worked at the Federal Reserve Bank and was vice chair of SEPTA, so he brings some serious econ and transportation creds to the table.  He was also quite the stud basketball player at Haverford (still the school's all-time leading scorer) and you'd be surprised how many gigs we get from people he plays pick-up hoops with. 

Even though we're working on a lot of stuff all at once, we're small enough that we're all involved in each others' business.  So this is who you're getting when you hire us.  I think it's worth your while.
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