A heart-wrenching article by The Atlantic on the Kermit Gosnell trial has been in heavy rotation on my Facebook news feed.  See also this courageous article in USA Today.

I process this information as a West Philadelphian and as a Christian.  I also process it as an adoptive dad of an abandoned baby girl whose birth mother must have at some point contemplated abortion, and as part of a married couple that has never had the joy of bringing a newborn baby home from the hospital.

This to me is sadder than Sandy Hook.  What shocked the nation about Sandy Hook was the high number of murders and the young ages of most of the victims.  This story is far worse on both counts.

I have no other words.  If you want to read what else I've written on this subject, you can go here or here or here.  I also commend this post from my friend's blog, "Suburban Family Guy."

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