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http://thegreenhorns.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/book-cover-image-for-good-morning-beautiful-business.jpg?w=425&h=634I first met Judy Wicks during my senior year at Wharton, when I was assigned to work on her foundation as part of my small business consulting class.  Being 22, I knew nothing about foundations, business, or consulting, and yet Judy was ever patient with and open to me.  She had strong convictions and knew what she wanted to do, but was always receptive to new ideas and offered me generous amounts of her time and attention.  (I also got a free meal at the end, and if you've ever been to the restaurant she started, the White Dog Cafe, you know that she's got skills in that area as well.)

I bumped into Judy late last year at a business conference and she was glowing about her new book, which is starting to make the rounds in book reviews.  "Good Morning, Beautiful Business" is basically Judy's philosophy of business: think about how your business operations affect people, do as much good as you can in those operations, and don't feel you have to choose between making a profit and making a difference.  We all know this now, but only because pioneers like Judy put it into action and showed us the way. 

I haven't gotten a chance to read the book yet but I plan to.  If reading it is anything like getting to know her like I have had the fortune to, then I cannot commend it to you enough. 

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