Quantitative Tools for Consulting

I'm officially on again to teach Quantitative Tools for Consulting (GAFL517) at the Fels Institute of Government this summer.  The course covers a wide range of quantitative methods that are used in consulting settings, and through the process we also touch on a number of policy topics and on the role of consultants and of quantitative analysis in advancing those topics. 

Since grad school, especially at Fels, is a participatory type of activity, one of the things I am going to institute as a fun learning device is a class Twitter account.  Every week, students will have to find and tweet an article that relates to that week's quantitative tool.  My hope is that this assignment will help students see quantitative analysis in action in a wide range of policy discussions and encourage healthy discourse on those topics. 

Once the course starts, I'll share all the handles so you can follow along and participate as you are interested.  Until then, if you or anyone you know is interested in the class, I encourage you to sign up.
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