MLB Predictions Guaranteed or Your Money Back

http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Freddie+Freeman+Atlanta+Braves+v+Los+Angeles+SF44F7l-iUgl.jpgIf I knew as a child how little time I'd have as an adult to follow sports, I'd do everything I could do delay adulthood.  Back then, I lived and breathed sports: I agonized during A's and Raiders games, dissected box scores as if they held the meaning of life in them, and sorted baseball cards until the wee hours.

Now?  I fast-forward through football games, watch no more than 10 NBA games a year (also on fast-forward), and spend less than an hour a week on ESPN and sports blogs.

And March Madness?  I got confused by the fact that there were three rounds of games in the first week, tried to figure out how Philly was simultaneously hosting games in the South and Midwest Regionals, and realized I can't name a single player on any team anywhere.  So, no, I didn't fill out a bracket and I haven't watched and read about any of the games: I have nothing in my head that this information would stick to.

But it is my diminished following of baseball, my first love, that is the most pronounced.  Last year, I watched a grand total of zero games - live, on TV, or fast-forwarded on my VCR.  I maybe watched the highlights or read the recaps of less than 20 games total.  This, from someone who once could recite baseball stats from decades ago at the drop of the hat, and who read every single baseball book in the library three or four times as a kid.

So take these predictions with a grain of salt.  They are based on the thinnest of thin slices.  Play ball!

AL: W-Angels, C-Tigers, E-Rays, WC-A's, O's
NL: W-Giants, C-Reds, E-Braves, WC-Nats, D'Backs
DS: Angels over A's, Rays over Tigers, Reds over Nats, Braves over Giants
WS: Braves over Angels
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