Easter Festivities at Woodland

http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e388/Swinefeld/Spruce%20Hill/SH_025.jpgLots of good stuff going on at our church, which all are welcome to check out.  And, by the way, when I say "all," I mean it - given how crazily diverse we are, I can't think of anyone who would feel out of place among us (unless of course you're stuck up and think you're above mixing it up with anyone besides people just like yourself). 

All events below are at 42nd and Pine Streets unless otherwise indicated.  You can call the church office for more information or go to www.woodlandpres.net.  See you around!

Su 3/24 10:30a Palm Sunday worship service
Fr 3/29 7:00p Good Friday worship service
Sa 3/30 12:30p Easter egg hunt for the kids
Su 3/31 8:00a  Easter morning worship service at Clark Park
Su 3/31 9:00a Easter morning breakfast and testimonies
Su 3/31 10:30a Easter morning worship service

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