Despite the Preponderance of Opposing Evidence, I Remain Sexist

http://www.nwhm.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/whm-collage.gifIn honor of Women's History Month, a number of my friends and colleagues have posted or tweeted things by or about women.  I have appreciated these because I have much to learn from and about women.  For, despite the preponderance of opposing evidence, I am ashamed to report that I remain sexist.

I wish I could say I was enlightened, but even a cursory self-examination reveals that I have a ways to go.  I am tarnished by the world's perversions of female sexuality, give in to tired stereotypes about strength and emotion, and too often think or say inappropriate things in mixed company.  I am probably not alone in these flaws, but they are undesirable flaws nonetheless.

It is unfortunate, given how many and how varied are my positive examples of women.  My mom and my wife, of course, but also my previous boss for 10 years, my current pastor, and my supervisor when I did campus ministry.  These were all women, all different, all with something unique to show me about being a leader, an influencer, and a caregiver.  I have learned a lot from each, and yet I fall short in so many ways.

Perhaps you are reading this with incredulity or indignance; I ask for your patience with me as I grow.  Or perhaps (male readers) you are convicted as I am, and we can grow together.  Or perhaps you had not thought of whether and where you harbor sexist beliefs, and this spurs you towards some healthy self-examination.  Wherever you are, men, I hope you will join with me in honoring women: honoring the women in our lives, and honoring women in general by changing our ways where we are wrong and seeking out ways to learn from and honor women from the past and the present. 
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