A Wearable Feast

I usually don't get geeked out by new technology but holy shmoley, between Google Glass and the Myo gesture control armband, that's an impressive amount of new-wave functionality and cool factor.  Add in Nike and Apple vying for wrist watch supremacy and we are in the midst of a burst of wearable technology goodness.  Even better, all of these concepts are going to improve dramatically in look, intuitiveness, and sheer volume of function, as consumers try them on and as computing continues to grow (in power) and shrink (in size) exponentially. 

What a wonderful and dizzying time we live in.  May the best companies win the competition for our hearts and wallets, motivating even more waves of innovation and make life even better for us all.  And yet even as these tools spark an arms race of ideas and uses, I anticipate they will also be game-changers and playing field levelers; consider, just to give one example, how stuff like this can be a huge boon to the physically impaired.  I look forward to telling my grandkids that, yes, in fact I did own a watch that just told the time and did nothing else, I generated text by typing on something called a QWERTY keyboard, and I didn't have video documentation of every single second of my life. 
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