Thoughts on Penn Alexander

As you may know, our neighborhood school has been in the news a lot, due to the recent decision to change kindergarten registration from first-come, first-served to a lottery.  Many of my fellow parents and community association board members have been hard at work, out in public and behind the scenes, to figure out a better way forward and to engage all of the stakeholders - the school, the district, Penn, the unions, et al - towards an open and collaborative way to that way forward.

I personally have been involved a little, not nearly as much as others, whose tireless service and thoughtful insights I have admired and appreciated.  But despite my relative lack of involvement, the issue has been on my mind a lot.  When our community association's education committee (of which I am a member) recently tried to schedule a meeting to figure out what to do next, I said none of the proposed dates worked but I would type up some thoughts and send them in so I could make my contribution that way.

I finally got to that on Saturday morning.  Four single-spaced pages later, I sent my thoughts in.  I guess I had a lot to say! At some point, I'll post what I wrote or some edited version of it.  Keep an eye out.
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