Pray for Woodland

Found out yesterday that our pastor and her family will be moving to Florida later this calendar year; she's taking a position at a university there.  Pray for our church as we try to figure out what's next. 

People come and go - we live in a very transient neighborhood, after all.  And, as you may know, we've had particular turnover in our senior pastor position: since 2002, we've had numerous interims and temporaries.

It is normal to seek and find stability in a head person who is at the helm for a long time.  It's good when that happens, because it's not bad to have that kind of sameness over many seasons.

But let it be remembered that what is truly consistent about a church - and let it be said that what is truly consistent about Woodland - is that God dwells there, and His leaders lead with wisdom and power from Him, and His people serve and care as He wills for them to. 

At any church, who those leaders are and who those people are change over time.  At Woodland, this is particularly true.  At any church, who that God is and what He is like does not change over time.  At Woodland, may we know that this is particularly true.
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