Night, Life

This may not make any sense to anyone but it adds up in my head: I like that my city is full of people having fun at night, even if I'm not up with them.

Let me explain.  Last night, Amy and I had dinner downtown with friends.  We left the house at an hour normally associated with getting into pajamas and mellowing out around the house, and got home well past the hour we're usually asleep by.

On the bus rides there and back, and walking around downtown, there were people everywhere.  I mean, Philly's a big city with lots of people in it.  Still, since we were awake at an unusual hour for us and since we aren't usually out painting the town red, it was jarring to see: coffee shops with live performances filled to the gills, sidewalks filled to the gills, McDonald's filled to the gills, bars and restaurants on the Penn campus filled to the gills.  Everywhere we looked, there were people having fun.

It made me happy.   Not jealous that I couldn't be out there with them more often.  Because while I like the occasional night out, Amy and I are both more than happy to just be homebodies.  But I'm glad I live in a big city full of people out late at night having fun.  It makes me feel like I'm part of this vast organism that is full of vitality. 
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