Lazy Linking, 88th in an Occasional Series

Things I liked lately on the Internets:

88.1 How pastors should take care of businesspeople http://bit.ly/X2V658 @9marksonline
The Worlds First 3D Printing Pen that Lets you Draw Sculptures sculpture printing pens drawing device

88.2 Michael Jordan: an example of "gaining the whole world and losing your soul"? http://bit.ly/X2yPD0 @tgc

88.3 A pen that "writes" in 3-D...this is awesome http://bit.ly/WhvqOo @colossal

88.4 Myers Briggs typology of Disney characters? Yes please http://bit.ly/X2U3C2 myersbriggs.tumblr.com

88.5 Parents waiting in line in the cold for scarce educational resources for their kids (sounds familiar) http://nyti.ms/YL6qk6 @nytimes

88.6 The Onion for the win: seagull with diarrhea barely makes it to crowded beach in time http://onion.com/WLNcv4 @theonion

88.7 I have seen the future and it is Google Glass http://bit.ly/Yrnk54 @verge

88.8 A business turnaround consultant's approach to fixing the Catholic Church http://nyti.ms/Za1aHr @nytimes

88.9 Dad 2.0 Summit helps advertisers better market to them rather than insulting them http://nyti.ms/136FaSZ @nytimes

88.10 14 things successful people do on the weekends (surprise: most of it involves resting) http://onforb.es/Xqg2T8 @forbes
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