Lazy Linking, 87th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

87.1 Oil co franchise tax hike = more $ for infrastructure in PA http://bit.ly/XoXAWU @newsworkswhyy

87.2 Michelle Obama makes kimchi from the cabbage in her White House garden http://bit.ly/11sQfxV @angryasianman

87.3 In your mail on Feb 14: Valentine's Day cards.  On Feb 15: your new, post-AVI property assessment http://bit.ly/125Zkw3 @phillynews

87.4 Megan McArdle on why Barnes & Noble is getting out of the bookstore business http://thebea.st/14DYW6l @asymmetricinfo

87.5 First Round Capital on how Etsy increased their # of female engineers by 500% http://bit.ly/TL4h9G @firstround
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