It Takes a Church

Photo: New winter hats, courtesy of a very thoughtful fellow congregant
There's a part during the baptism of a child at our children when the congregation is asked, "Do we as a congregation promise to do our part to nurture this child in his/her faith?"  In saying yes, we are saying that we are taking responsibility, along with the parent(s), to look out for this kid.  It's an important component of a healthy church body.

I won't mention her name because she'll be embarrassed, but I want to thank one of my fellow congregants for taking that vow seriously as it relates to my kids.  Earlier this year, as the temperatures started to drop, she came up to me and quietly handed me a bag with two winter hats for my kids.  Having had young kids herself, who are now grown, she knew that a young parent can never have enough winter hats.  And she saw two cute ones while out shopping, thought of us, remembered her promise to help look out for the little ones in her congregation, made the purchase, and passed them on to me next she saw me.

I love how tangibly and generously our church lives out the core truths of our faith.  I am a humbled and grateful recipient of this.  As are my two kids and their heads. 

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