Going to Our Happy Place

Earlier this month, I found this picture in a travel magazine, ripped it out, and showed it to Amy.  I told her this is where I want to take her when the kids get older and we can both get away from them and our jobs for a week.  Her eyes widened and we went for a moment in our heads to a place of beautiful scenery, clear and warm water, and utter silence/solitude. 

The image continues to linger in our minds.  After a long day of working two demanding jobs, slogging with our kids through their issues, and juggling all the other things that make up our lives, I'll come up to a weary and defeated Amy and say, "Hold on until Tahiti!"  It works for her.

Look, we love our jobs and our kids.  We live a charmed life.  The stresses we bear are nothing compared to that of others we know.  But as introverts juggling a never-ending cycle of challenging work and young children, we long for a break from it all, and for space to spend just the two of us.  Looking forward to going to our new happy place is a wonderful motivator to hang in there, not to mention to make sure we are taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and financially so that we can actually enjoy such a luxury at some point in our lives. 

It begs the question, though: how is it that parenting is one of our greatest joys, and yet one of our greatest joys within that is dreaming about being thousands of miles away from our kids?  I trust that other parents are nodding their heads.

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